Training Consultant, People, Process and Technology

Mind2Learn Inc. is an independently owned Canadian workplace learning solutions and corporate training company.  Our mission is to help organizations maximize their employees’ performance by connecting people, process and technology together.


Employees in your organization are typically the only physical asset that can appreciate in value. As your employees learn more about the business and about their own role, their performance will increase over time. Are you investing more money and effort in your equipment (that continues to reduce in value over time) instead of your employees (who increase in value over time)?

By assessing current employees’ competencies, skills their work environment and their mindset, Mind2Learn Inc will design and develop an accurate training and communication plan that will ensure your greatest assets (your people) will continue to add increased value to your business.


To get to a desired state, one has to know the current state and what is preventing them to get to their destination.  Mind2Learn Inc will help assess your current state and determine the barriers that prevent you from reaching your goal.  Mind2Learn Inc  will analyze the current procedures to ensure appropriate processes are established.  With effective processes, your people will be able to use whatever technology they are provided.


Think of technology as the instrument or tool that enables people to successfully complete a process.  It could be a phone, computer, hammer, training aid, drum, etc.  For Mind2Learn Inc to provide a high ROI solution, we will ensure we understand your technology and how it is to be used.

We will ensure that the people understand and accept or better the processes they have in place as well as the technology they have at their disposal.  If the right technologies are combined with best practices and efficient processes, your greatest assets will become an even higher value to your organization.