Thinking Skills

We all have thinking preferences, but we usually are unaware of them.  You can be helped to understand your preferences, as well as others by applying the HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument).  It is a leading tool, used by top schools and businesses that helps anyone who needs to influence or lead others.

Behavioural Skills

Gain insight about how you view yourself compared to how others view you to see the gaps and similarities.  This will enable you understand where you may want to adapt or change your behaviours in order to communicate more effectively and reach your desired objectives.

Coaching Skills

Sales Leadership and coaching skills development: Are your reps meeting quota?  Do they know what there quota is?  More importantly are you helping them meet their quota and are you able to continually raise the bar?  Learn how to observe rep performance, what to look for and how to offer feedback that will raise their game to the next level.

Sales Skills

Retail Selling skills and sales standards:  To ensure a positive client experience, reps must know when to listen, when to question, how to build rapport and how to close a sale.  Learning how to master these skills will equip both new and existing reps with the ability to increase both customer satisfaction and sales.

Business to Business Sales skills:  In these times every potential client is, and should be, concerned about high value for their purchase.  From prospect/appointment making all the way to the close of a sale there is both a science and an art to the sales process.  Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition and meet both your personal and organizational goals.

Team Building Workshops

Teams face specific challenges and at times the individuals who make up the team need to be aligned on how to face them.  A customized 1 hour to 1/2 day teambuilding event can be tailor made to help individuals learn how to function better as a team.  Workshops will always include a simulation that is linked to the challenges the team faces.  A debrief of the simulation, that relates it back to what the team is faced with in the work environment , will further assist them in the practical application of the learning.  Topics for teambuilding include planning, thinking, trust, change, communication and more

Customized Services

Anything Mind2Learn Inc. provides starts with a learning assessment to ensure we meet all defined learning objectives and can provide a good ROI for your learning investment.  Most of the time we tailor fit (design) our programs to fit your team.  We also have extensive relationships with other learning companies, both large and small that can assist in providing learning services if the need arises.